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8 Random Facts
I was tagged by AwesomeYay99 to do this. gadamit
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other creators.
4. Post their OCs name along with their creator's name/avatar.
Tagged OC: Ruby Penn
1- Ruby needs to be doing things with her hands almost 24/7. She'll chew on her nails, ropebraid things, drum on herself, pick at her fingernails, pull her hair up into an unbound ponytail to readjust it, or a whole bunch of other things.
2- She doesn't give people the middle finger. Instead, she flicks her middle and pointer fingers toward them with a palm-up hand. This is considered basically an "f-you" in her home world.
3- Her mannerisms are often decidedly more masculine than feminine, and some less human than others. She nods to people instead of/along with waving, rubs at her neck if she's nervous, curls her tongue when yawning, and habitually curls her fingers inwards instead of leaving them loose and straight.
4- Ruby's ears are ever so slightly poi
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ShadeWing Masterpost
Hi so
I made up a WOF fantribe quite a while back but never really shared it much, and since I recently revamped a bit about their society + appearance, I think it's time to introduce them to DeviantArt.
The official tribe name is ShadeWings, although they are also referred to as ScytheWings by some tribes, due to a recurring scythe-like shape on their bodies and a close association with death.
ShadeWings are often named words relating to shadows, night, destiny, or death. Some examples are Darkness, Gloaming, Kismet, and Nightmare (all of whom are ShadeWing OCs of mine, so no stealing).
ShadeWings are most often on the gray spectrum, generally on the darker side, with long, hooked scales. The first half of their horns are shaped similar to a SkyWing's until the first crook, where their horns bend sharply down into a shape reminiscent of a scythe's blade. ShadeWing eyes are either black or yellow with shades of green or orange. A ShadeWing's underb
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Breaking the Ice
It was just the two of them.
Cole, Zane, and Lloyd had gone out to practice with Nya, and Wu was browsing some old scrolls with Misako. That left them exploring the northern lakes because Kai had said that they should and Jay wasn't going to protest a chance to adventure without people telling him that he couldn't do this-or-that and telling him off for screwing something up. Also because it was a chance to be alone with Kai, but he didn't mention that. Why would he?
Jay looked around at the trees towering around him. Zane had mentioned that the trees around here were generally fir and pine, but neither of the two were able to tell the difference. Pale snow dotted with fallen tree needles coated the ground, halfway to ice and easy to walk on top of. They had left the trails behind maybe ten miles back, and still hadn't crossed a new one. The blue-clothed ninja sighed and pushed his brown hair out of his face. "We could be lost, you know," he said to Kai. That wouldn't be too bad, actua
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Ruby Dragonheart
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Dragon lover, mythological beings expert, Pokémon enthusiast, bookworm, video gamer, and much more! I try not to hate on any ships or people or artses, so please try to extend the same respect!
I ship:
Hau X F!Player (Pokémon Sun and Moon)
Tory X Barra (Sunborn Rising)
Lukas X F!Jesse (MCSM)
Lukas X Petra (MCSM)
Qibli X Moon (Wings of Fire)
Kai X Jay (Ninjago, idk why)
And probably a little else. I don't hate homosexual ships, I just don't ship many of them.

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Below this is my testing section.


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